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Learn more about Christian Initiation at Resurrection

Becoming Catholic

The following talk was given by Stacy Tokarz on

Sunday, June 14, during the 10:30 Mass.


My name is Stacy Tokarz.  My family and I have been members of Resurrection for about 10 years.  I am here to talk to you about my personal experience of going through the Christian initiation process here at Resurrection.  First, I’d like to give you a little history about myself and my faith background.  I grew up in a single parent home with my mom and older brother.  I was not baptized and did not regularly attend church growing up.  I would, on occasion, attend with my grandparents during holidays when we were staying with them. My mom and her siblings were raised Presbyterian.  As I grew older and attended events such as weddings and funerals, I realized how out of place I felt and how unfamiliar I was with the church.  Although it was a given, growing up, that we believed in God and heaven, did I really know what it all meant and stood for? These uneasy feelings continued to grow as I became an adult, married a Catholic man, and began raising my own children in the church.  I would come to find that there was a void in my life.  


In February 2010, a close friend invited me to a weekend retreat at her parish.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  I had 3 little boys at home ages 2, 4 and 6 and thought: “What am I thinking leaving my husband and kids for a weekend to go on a religious retreat?”  Let’s just say, that weekend opened my eyes and my heart to what I had been missing out on my whole life.  That experience made me yearn for more. I remember coming to a very crowded Easter Sunday Mass shortly after that retreat and after that fire had been lit within me.  My husband Steve and I walked in with our three squirrely little guys.  It was standing room only with the exception of those last few seats in the front row – you know, the ones no one wants to sit in because they are right in front, especially, in a packed church with 3 little guys who struggle to sit still, be quiet and keep their hands to themselves.  Well, we very bravely took our seats front and center.  I recall the passion with which Father Dan delivered the homily and his thunderous ‘Alleluias’ throughout the Mass.  I also remember the feeling I experienced when it was time to receive Communion and the deep sadness I felt not being able to take part in this special sacrament.  That fire was burning fierce and as the choir sang and I watched everyone around me received the Eucharist, my emotions got the best of me.  It was after that Easter Sunday that I reached out to get more information about the Christian Initiation process and began my journey.  Oh, and by the way, my boys were angels that day at Mass.  I’d have to say the Holy Spirit was working miracles that day.


I was baptized, confirmed and received my First Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil in 2011.  That May, I proudly walked up with Steve and our oldest son, Ty, then 7, as he received his First Communion.  Going through the process is a commitment to yourself, the church and God.  I was a working mother of 3 little ones, but I had the full support of my husband, friends and especially my mom.   I not only learned so much about the Church, Scripture and about being a Christian, but I also learned how to be a role model to my kids.  I was walking the talk.  I am also grateful for the people I met along the way and friendships I developed during my time going through the process.  You cannot imagine the support we received from the Resurrection community.  Today, no matter which Mass I attend, there’s always a familiar face - whether it is one of the catechists who taught me, one of the people I went through Christian initiation with, their sponsor, or my sponsor.  Overall, the entire experience has brought me closer to the Resurrection Community and I truly feel that I belong here.  


If you are an unbaptized person interested in learning more about the Catholic faith of if you were baptized in another Christian tradition and now wish to become Catholic, please contact Joanne Sanders, Director of Worship and Christian Initiation, at 630-289-5400 x 217.  The Christian Initiation process is also appropriate for baptized Catholics who never made their First Communion.

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We invite you to join us as we come together to worship and serve the Lord. It is clear that through our Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist we enter into a faith community.

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We, the Catholic faith community of Resurrection Parish, are called together through sacraments and stewardship, to share the mission of Christ: proclaiming, building and living the kingdom of God.


To be a eucharistic people dedicated to becoming instruments of peace and justice by fostering our faith, love and hope for the future through service to the community.

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