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Becoming Catholic

 The following talk was given by Brian Shipbaugh on Sunday, June 14 during the 8:00 a.m. Mass.

My name is Brian Shipbaugh.   My family and I have been attending Resurrection for several years.  A little over 4 yrs ago I was baptized, confirmed and made my 1st communion at the Easter Vigil.  I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about what was involved in that decision and what the experience was like for me.

My wife and I were married here at Resurrection almost 7 yrs ago. A little over a year later our daughter Hanley was born and within a few months she was baptized Catholic.  Now, my entire family of origin is Catholic and as a child I briefly attended a Catholic school in Chicago prior to moving out to the western suburbs.   However, my religious upbringing ended there.  God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Church—these things were never discussed in our house when I was growing up.  We did not attend Mass and had no connection to the Catholic Church.  Long story short, I was surrounded by non-practicing Catholics.  Yet, somewhere along the way I did start to believe in God and become curious about who Jesus was.  However, I still wasn’t all that interested in developing a relationship with Jesus at the time—I was still young and pretty self centered.  

As I got a little older, married my wife, Brooke, and had our daughter, Hanley, priorities started to change for me.  I started to firmly believe that if we were going to be a practicing Catholic family, if our kids were going to be baptized Catholic, I had to be a role model for them.  I wanted my family, my kids to experience what I didn’t experience growing up - to be a part of a community, to be a practicing Catholic family.  I wanted that to be a priority for us.  So I reached out to Resurrection and asked about how I could “become Catholic.”

Becoming catholic and doing it as an adult ended up being such an amazing experience and rewarding journey.  My faith grew gradually over time and the more I continued to learn about Jesus, the closer I drew to Jesus.  I had an amazing sponsor who guided and supported me through my faith journey.  I had a dedicated group of people here at Resurrection who made me feel welcome.  Their genuine interest in helping me grow and understand my faith led me to know Jesus.   All that I was able to take from the journey allowed me to better understand what was actually taking place during Mass.  I no longer felt as if I was going through the “motions.”   I no longer felt lost.

I look back now and am grateful for the way things happened because, as an adult, I was able to fully appreciate my faith journey.  I’d urge any of you who may relate to my situation or have even a small curiosity about the Catholic faith to call the parish office and check it out.  

If you are an unbaptized person interested in learning more about the Catholic faith of if you were baptized in another Christian tradition and now wish to become Catholic, please contact Joanne Sanders, Director of Worship and Christian Initiation, at 630-289-5400 x 217.  The Christian Initiation process is also appropriate for baptized Catholics who never made their First Communion. 


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We invite you to join us as we come together to worship and serve the Lord. It is clear that through our Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist we enter into a faith community.

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We, the Catholic faith community of Resurrection Parish, are called together through sacraments and stewardship, to share the mission of Christ: proclaiming, building and living the kingdom of God.


To be a eucharistic people dedicated to becoming instruments of peace and justice by fostering our faith, love and hope for the future through service to the community.

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